BBC1 - Peoples' War, 7 Man-made Wonders, Drumming up a Storm,Chelsea Live, Chelsea ’98, A Journey Through Kew Gardens, Monet’s Garden, Southwest on Film. Southwest Heroes.
BBC2 - Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey, Rick Stein's Memoirs, Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes, Rick Stein’s French Odyssey, Rick Stein's Christmas Odyssey, Rick Stein's Cornish Christmas. Rick Stein's Spain. Rick Stein's Spanish Christmas. Rick Stein's India.
BBC4 - Rick Stein - Food of the Italian Opera. Rick Stein tastes the blues.
ITV1 - Slowblokes in France, Three Grumpy Old Men in a boat, Tresco, The Emperor’s Isle, Lifeboat, Weatherwise, The London Boat Show, The Summer of Love, The Real Thing, The Inca Rally, Blind Eye to the Butcher, A Sense of Place, A Gardener’s Dozen, Taste of the West, Team Spirit, Christmas at the Cathedral, The Great Garden Guide, The Nether Region, Lanhydrock – A National Treasure, Island Life, The Freedom Run, Camping it Up, Slow Blokes to China, The Big Shop, Britannia – A Ship Ashore, Submarine, Westcountry Challenge, What would you do?, Peter Gorton for Starters, Human Rights, Treasures, Emergency, Dressing Up, Those Magnificent Men, The View From Here, Rosemoor – A Garden In The Making, Stately Homes (1&2), Shipwrecks, Frances Bissell’s Westcountry Christmas, Cobblestones, Cottages and Castles and many others.
Channel4 - Weapons of War, Collectors’ Lot, Caribbean Gardens. Discovery - The Royal Birdmen, Weight Matters, (Vanessa Feltz), Dreamboats, Set in Stone.
RTE - Diarmuid Gavin’s Irish Garden.

Rick Stein's French Odyssey